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From: Mark Idzik
RE: Your Custom Videos

  Mark Idzik
Dear Online Marketer,

A few years ago, videos were scarce, hard to find and hard to make.

Today, videos are everywhere.. they're hot and they work. And now they are even easier to make with this new script that lets you create custom videos in minutes, then turn that one video into hundreds. With this new technology you can...

  • Create videos that drive more traffic to your websites
  • Make videos for potential clients to get your "foot in the door"
  • Create niche videos with standard images and simply change the business information to quickly generate videos in certain niche and generate leads
  • Create one video or spin hundreds of unique videos fast
  • Create professional looking videos for local clients. Get paid high $$$ for quick and easy work.

Video Spinner
The Video Spinner will randomize images each time you generate a video. And text used in the title, description, and even the text-to-speech generator can be "spun" using standard spin-formatted text.

This means you can generate hundreds of unique videos. Once it's set up, each "click" generates a unique video.

Just imagine the possibilities for traffic and lead generation for all your websites as well as video production for local businesses.

You take any images you own and make a video in just minutes. The script is easy to use, just fill in the blanks and generate. Even my 10 year can do it!

If you make videos for customers, use pictures from their business, use the speech engine to automatically create the voiceover and you have professional videos in minutes.

You can add your own music, audio voiceover or use the included text-to-speech synthesizer. Choose your own text, watermark, time delays, randomizing... you have complete control over your videos.

And you have full rights to the videos you create. Use them or sell them without restriction. The only thing you can't do is sell or give away the script. It's for your personal use only.

How It Works

Create unlimited, custom videos in just minutes by following these basic steps:

  1. Enter in the URL’s to your images (up to 100)
  2. Enter the text you want converted to speech and choose voice type
  3. Enter URL to background music track and/or voice track
  4. Enter your overlay text
  5. Enter your footer text
  6. Preview your MP4 format video
  7. Download it or enter your YouTube account information and automatically upload

That's all there is to it. After you've done the first one, you can then 'spin' an unlimited number of additional videos. The script can randomize the images and the title, description and speech text supports standard spinnable text to allow you to create truly unique videos.

Video Spinner Features

  • One-time fee to own the script. (No monthly fees)
  • Unlimited images (and videos) can be used to generate the videos
  • Randomize the image order
  • Use some or all of the images to generate different versions
  • High quality text-to-speech synthesizer will read your script
  • Spinnable text: the video title, description, and text-to-speech are all spinnable using standard spin formatted text, meaning you can automatically create hundreds of unique videos with just a click
  • Choose from hundreds of free background music files or provide your own
  • Watermark text allows you to brand the video or mark it as a "demo" for lead-gen purposes
  • Footer text can be placed that is seen for the entire video. Great for a web address or phone number
  • Add latitude/longitude coordinates to mark your location on YouTube. Great for local biz/offline marketing
  • Post directly to any YouTube account
  • Save/Import profiles to quickly reload and reproduce videos

Here's What You Get

  • A downloadable version of the script. This means you can host it on your own server. The install is just uploading the files!
  • Access to instructional videos on producing videos
    • How to generate leads and find businesses on Facebook who would love your videos
    • How to use another popular site to generate videos that lead to tons of repeat business
    • How to legally search and "steal" hundreds of background music tracks for your videos
    • How to privately host your demo videos (for free) so potential clients can't see who else you might be trying to approach

Videos Created By Actual Users

And You're Protected By My Priority
Money Back Guarantee!

After trying out Video Spinner for 30 days, if for any reason whatsoever you aren't completely thrilled ... you can contact me and get a 100% refund on your purchase instantly, within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Go ahead, do it right now... place your order today, and I'll see you on the other side.

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  • I have 30 days to try it out with your Priority Money Back Guarantee

The API developer that the script works with has recently made changes to their API and the script no longer functions properly. We are at their mercy to how long this would be availble and operate with no ongoing cost. We will suspend sales of the script and look for an alternate way to provide similar functionality. If and when that is available it will be posted here and purchase links enabled. Thank you!

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To your best success and see you on the other side!


Mark Idzik

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